Children's Dentistry

At Park Avenue Dental Care we provide dental care for all the family. Prevention is better than cure and with this in mind we place great emphasis on the dental health of children and young adults.


It is our belief that if positive habits regarding oral hygiene and diet are established early in a child's life it is perfectly possible to reach adulthood free of any cavities or gum disease. This is what we all want for our children.


We engage with children in a friendly and inclusive way to reduce anxiety and make visits to the dentist a pleasant experience whilst giving detailed advice on dietary risks and important tips on oral hygiene to the parents.


Please don't worry if your child is anxious, a friendly dentist with a warm smile, calm demeanour and a patient approach will establish enough trust to break down their barriers of fear.


In line with the optimum prevention protocols we regularly apply fluoride varnish to children's teeth based on their age and individual risk factors in order to increase their resistance to tooth decay.


And most important of all we make it fun with balloons and stickers for the young ones as our little parting thank you gift.





























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Infant brushing

First of all the right toothpaste should be selected

With the appropriate Fluoride content for an infant

A smear of toothpaste should be applied

Brushing should start when the first tooth arrives ...

... to get the infant used to the procedure.

If the infant objects to the brush ...

... a clean cloth with the toothpaste applied can be used.


Children brushing

Good brushing technique should take 2 minutes

divide the mouth into 6 sections ...

... and take 20 seconds to brush each.

Start with outer surfaces of the lower jaw ...

... Then the inner and then the biting surfaces...

Repeat with the upper jaw.

Small circular movements near the gumline is most effective.


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